Saturday, July 21, 2007

And if I go away again, you can have my stereo

You know what I'm trying to find right now? The video for Indestructible by Matthew Good Band on Youtube. You'd think that because it's an old, yet still kind of popular song and that it was released on the In a Coma DVD that it would be on there somewhere. I mean, While We Were Hunting Rabbits has been up for a long time, and it was an easter egg, and not really a released video in the first place.

The reason I wanted to was because for some reason or other, I felt compelled to put Underdogs in my cd player today, because I hadn't listened to the whole album in a good three years. And you know what? I'm in love again.

The music just doesn't seem to get old. Every single album Matt's put out has found a way to resonate with me. Underdogs reminds me of growing up in Coquitlam, not that I want to claim to have been his neighbour or anything. Not even close.

My question is why isn't Indestructible on Youtube? I love that song. I squeal with joy every time it comes on the radio. And even though the music video for it wasn't really all that good, I like the song better than the other singles from Underdogs.

Better than Everything is Automatic, even though I've been known to randomly say "kill for fun" in the washroom at work while I listen to the toilet flush itself in the stall and I'm waving my hands in front of the tap because it isn't turning on.

Better than Apparitions, even though I love to sing along.

Better than Rico, but I can't find that video either. I'd put them both up but my mad DVD ripping skillz are non-existent. Grargh!