Monday, July 02, 2007

Attack of the killer SLUGS!!!!!

IMG_5697_1"Umm... Erin, I think you should check this out," dad said.

"What is it?" I walked up to the door, my keys out, ready to unlock it. I stopped dead in my tracks when I noticed a giant black slug sliming its way up the door. On the inside of the door frame was a second. Both were at least four inches long.

I squealed, and then without speaking, dad and I both plunged our keys into our pockets. "Carla! We're locked out. Can you come and unlock the door for us?" dad asked.

She took her sweet time getting to the door, during which we had a hard time suppressing our giggles. When she finally reached us, keys in hand, she screamed.

And then no one wanted to open the door because the doorknob might possibly be slimed.

Finally I did it, because I'm brave.

I'm positively fearless, I tell you.

We still don't know why they were there in the first place. I think they were trying to eat the house and us alive.