Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Pets I had pre-1995

Jetty - dog, thoroughbred daschund; had no teeth, survived being run over by a car, died of lung cancer from second-hand smoke, technically died before I was born, but I've heard all the stories so many times that it's almost like I knew him.

Stormer aka Stormie - cat, tabby; could talk, enjoyed hiding peoples' socks and underwear around the house, disappeared one night, likely eaten by coyotes after we moved in 1990.

Keifer, aka Keys - dog, shepherd-lab cross; notoriously stupid and loveable, once dragged mom down the street on her stomach while she was pregnant with me, had to be given away when we moved in 1990.

2 Unnamed Iguanas - a family friend gave them to me as a gift, mom freaked out and found them a new home... somewhere.

Spotty Spot, aka Spotty - cat, calico (no spots); I named her myself. Used to wait under the bed to claw my feet, disappeared in broad daylight, was hopefully addopted by nice people and not eaten by coyotes.

Chirp - budgie, blue; was found abandoned in the park, we put an ad in the paper but no one replied, eventually died of old age.

Keisha - budgie, yellow and white; got her for my 6th birthday, as a companion to chirp, when I was obsessed with birds, died of mysterious causes the night after I got her.

Keisha II - budgie, yellow and green; "Look mom! Keisha turned green overnight!"

Frickles aka Frick, Frickapotamus - cat, black and white; attacks dogs four times her size, used to bum food off of picnickers in the park, sleep inside a cast-iron frying pan and the mailbox, rode into vancouver and halfway back in the roofrack of the car, mentioned in this blog here, here and here, still alive, 13 years old, in poor health - diabetes, obesity, blindness, joint problems.

Fish (two tanks worth), the most noteable being:
One-Eyed Riley - feeder goldfish; blind, had huge cataracts on his eyes, lived 7 years.
Flipper - feeder goldfish; lived 8 years.
Phinneas - feeder goldfish; lived 9 years
Biggie - angelfish; got him from a friend of a friend who was trying to get rid of him, he was huge.
Coolie - coolie loach; it was an orange and yellow worm thing that we'd never seen before and haven't seen since, indestructable, sucked into the filter multiple times, survived having a rock dropped on it and spending more than an hour on the floor outside the tank.

Sally, aka Sal Pal, the Million Dollar Cat - cat, grey, heinz 57; dad addopted her from the SPCA because he's a sucker, had been abused and took a while to get used to us, used to be a good hunter - one dead carcass on the front porch every morning - until she disappeared for 3
days and turned up mauled by something, notorious fat scaredy cat, called the Million Dollar Cat because she's needed two major operations and a couple minor ones to remove lumps, fix an infection she got in a fight and a mastectomy, alive today, approx. 14 years old and in good health.

Lefty - Canada goose; was found tangled in a fishing wire, with a broken/infected leg that never really healed, never really strayed far from the yard, died of natural causes.