Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Because, you know, arguing with a bus driver is so tough

IMG_5669_1So, I was on the bus the other day and it was really, really full, so full that the driver was only opening the front doors to let people out.

At one of these stops, though, a guy muscled his way onto the bus, and I didn't see the exchange but I certainly heard it. The driver told him that there wasn't enough room and that he'd have to wait for the next bus. He replied to her that he was goddamned well getting on this bus and shouted at everyone on board to make room for him. The result was that a few people shuffled around a little, but no more room was made than before because there was none to spare.

He continued to argue with the driver, and she wouldn't budge. He yelled at us again, and a woman yelled back from somewhere near the back of the bus that there was no more room.

The man continued to argue with the bus driver, whose position didn't change - there is no room on the bus, the bus isn't moving as long as you're on it, the next bus comes in less than six minutes, get off and wait for that one.

Finally, when it was clear that nothing was being accomplished except that the man was getting progressively angrier, louder and more confrontational, a female companion of the guy tried to convince him to give up and leave the bus, so he began arguing with her as well. Meanwhile the bus wasn't moving and we all had places to go.

Then, when she wasn't able to talk some sense into him, we heard a male voice from outside the bus tell him to get off, to which the irate man replied "Don't tell me you're not man enough to get on this bus!"

To which I thought that first of all, getting on the bus has nothing to do with being "manly." Second, being aggressive and thinking that you can harass women into letting you have your way also has nothing to do with being "manly."

Actually, those weren't my first thoughts but my censored, well-thought out commentary, post-event. My first thought was "lobotomy," but then I realized that unfortunately lobotomies don't prevent these people from breeding, and quickly changed my thought to castration.

Does it make me a bad person to think this? Some people seem to really need it. Just some, okay?