Thursday, July 19, 2007

Reasons why I should not be let out of the house

IMG_5622_1I'm getting myself into trouble again.

I make faces at things. If I'm happy or disgusted or giddy or just walked out of a really awkward situation or pretty much anything else, I will make a face. Of course, I'll wait until I'm out of sight - in my apartment or the washroom or the safety of my cubicle, or in front of my immediate family, because they've resigned themselves to my being weird and they've found no amount of beating seems to be able to get it out of me.

Or elevators.

There's something to be said about the momentary privacy that an elevator in transit can afford you, something to be said about being left alone with a giant mirror. That something is that when I find myself in that sort of environment I am most likely making weird faces at myself in the mirror, because no one is watching.

Except when people are watching, and then I'm either talking to them or trying to look normal. I can't say how many times though that I've been caught with my face contorted into odd positions as the elevator made an unexpected stop.

But today I was waiting for an elevator and it was taking a long, long time to arrive and someone walked by, so when the doors opened, I launched myself into it and made a weird face into the mirror, only to realize with horror that there was a woman in there that I hadn't been able to see before I entered.