Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Some days are just like that.

IMG_5792_1I was supposed to go for drinks with some people downtown tonight but today wasn't exactly a normal day. Namely, someone hit an oil pipeline in Burnaby, which shot oil all over peoples' homes, the highway and oozed out into the ocean. That means that the Barnet highway is closed and the trains were running a little behind schedule, and the skytrain and highway 1 are undoubtedly insane.

I figure that now that I'm out of the city, there's no point in going back in tonight. Not to mention, when I got home, I found my dad had taken over my apertment, spreading all his work all over my dining table, displacing everything that had previously been on the table, pulling apart my office bookshelves in search of paper and such. Today the damage was minimal. Usually he'll open a tin of sardines and stink the whole place up too, peppering the counter with cracker crumbs.

And when people are over, however uninvited they may be, I kind of feel obligated to see them out, rather than leaving them to their own defenses. What's more, I feel obligated to stay because I have accidentally blown up at them because of the simmering frustration at the knowledge that I'm going to be late and I can't find the goddamned shirt I wanted to wear and the person sitting uninvited in the middle of my apartment is telling me a story, half of which I already know, and he's making it twice as long as it needs to be.

So needless to say I'm eating crackers and cheese for dinner. I'm a little dismayed that the number of different kinds of cheese in my fridge has dropped below 9 varieties. This must be rectified immediately.

When you first purchase cambozolla cheese, it is a lovely, creamy white with blue veins through it. After a couple months of sitting in the fridge, the white turns a nut brown and it develops a strong odour and a very strong, sharp flavour. I am of the opinion that the smellier the cheese, the more delicious, so this is a pretty good thing.

But the thing about this cheese when it gets to that state is that after I eat it, my tongue gets all swollen and numb, as if I've eaten an entire pineapple at one sitting.