Saturday, July 07, 2007


IMG_5684_1Over the course of the past couple of months I have noticed that my smile is becoming progressively more lopsided. I can't remember when I first saw that, but now, when I try and equal out my smile in the mirror it makes the right side of my face feel really, really weird. The left side of my mouth just jumps for joy when my brain tells it to smile and the right side makes a bit of an effort, but only as much as it has to because it was hellbent on laying dormant all day and you just had to ruin that, didn't you?

All this proves is that my left brain is perpetually unamused.

I shouldn't be surprised though. Pretty much all of me is lopsided in one way or other. My right thumb is noticeably wider than my left. My left leg is a full inch shorter than my right, and no one noticed it until I started complaing that my mom did a crappy job hemming my pants because one pantleg was always longer than the other, even though she made them the same length. And until that point, I was always at a loss as to why it always felt like my right leg was doing all the work while I was rowing, and while one leg was noticeably more flexible than the other.

My boobs are a tad lopsided too, but then again, who's aren't? Unless they're fake, of course. A little bit of imperfection can be kind of endearing. I guess I'm thinking of Robert Brownjohn here. "Obsession and Fantasy" wouldn't have had quite the same effect had he used a supermodel for the photo. Though, it's nowhere near my favourite poster.

I'm not sure what motivated me to write a post about being all lopsided. I'm going to go for a run down to the library and see if I can pick up an interesting book with lots of pictures. Art, design, photography or the like.

This is already feeling like a two-post day.