Wednesday, May 21, 2008

65/365: Crazy Linda

Linda rides the train every day and rarely pays her fare. She turns the act of getting off of the train into a lengthy ordeal, during which she will block her door with her baggage and not allow anyone to pass her. Perhaps because she takes so long to exit the train or perhaps due to the fact that she isn't particularly pleasant, she occasionally gets to the bus stop just as her bus is leaving.

There was a time when she used to just walk the three blocks to work from the train station, but those days are no longer. Now that there is a bus route, she can't be bothered. When she misses the bus she will try to get a ride.

Hitchhiking in suburban areas during rushour is not all that easy because people can't be bothered to stop, especially on a bridge, which happens to both be illegal and just not a very good place to stop your car. When she gets frustrated and late for work, she resorts to jumping out into the traffic to stop them herself.

All this to save herself a three-block walk.