Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My short television career


On Sunday I was in the audience at a taping of a radio show at the CBC, which explains these photos. I was going to just post them a few days ago but I figured I should say something about where they came from.

The last time I was in a studio like that in the bowels of the CBC I was in a psa that aired on television for all of three times. I was about twelve or thirteenish, and I got to stand in front of a green screen and say a couple lines.

In the psa, they'd changed the background to something that had swirley colours, but unfortunately for me, my hair is horribly frizzy and untameable, so it really doesn't work well when you're trying to edit in a background behind me. The shot with me in it had a wavering halo around my head, while the other kids in the psa looked fine.

The shot with me in it ended up only being three words long. This means that if theoretically the psa ran ten times, I was on screen for all of about eight seconds. It just so happens that eight seconds is enough to get noticed.

For a few weeks afterward a girl kept following me around because oh my god I was an actor and oh my god could she carry my books? I assured her that it wasn't necessary, but she insisted.