Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Clothing cull, 2008


I've been pretty busy today. I went through most of my clothes and picked out a lot of stuff I'll never wear.

I was merciless. Stuff I have disliked for years has finally made it into the charity bag and I put that down to living on my own. I could never bring myself to get rid of things that I had been given as gifts when I knew that they knew that I'd never worn them.

But now that they don't know, I'm free!

Gone is two thirds of the stack of special event tshirts. Gone are all pants that are size 12 and up. Gone is a blouse that is size "small" because is it really small? It fits like a tent. Gone is the denim shirt that I was told that I would love and wear everywhere, because we know that "everywhere" is secretly the code word for never.

Gone is a pair of pants that a well-wishing coworker really wanted me to have because she was cleaning out her closet, and that I accepted because she was really insistent that I have them, even though it's a style that makes my butt look huge.

I culled out all the underwear that's been hanging around my drawers since middle school because it's saggy and unpleasant to wear, especially when it reverse sags and tries to inch its way up out of my pants. (My butt used to be considerably bigger.)

I reunited socks that haven't seen their partners for years.

I found a pair of pantyhose that doesn't have runs in it. Joy!

I found a surprisingly large amount of clothing that belonged to other people in my room, and now that's stacked and ready to go out.

After all of this, my room looks almost... clean.