Sunday, May 25, 2008





And now we come to the real reason why I have an SLR camera - to take pictures of my cat.

Riki bought a condo and so today I helped her move. It is both awesome and crazy that she's 21 and owns her own home. I'm not entirely sure if it's sunk in for her yet.

It's small, but newly renovated with new appliances so it's fairly nice. More importantly, it's closer to where I'm going to be moving so we might do more stuff together.

As we were unpacking boxes, a random black cat walked in, started meowing all over the place and then refused to leave. We're not sure where it came from. It was pretty friendly so she's decided to keep it if no one comes to claim it.

We named it Riki Junior because it's small, skinny, talks and eats a lot.