Thursday, May 29, 2008

The hills are alive.

Kathy, Shereese and I went hiking today in Bert Flinn Park, which on the map looks like it has maybe four or five main trails. Once you walk in, though, you soon find that the park is spiderwebbed with little trails, some bigger, some smaller, but all over the place.

Once we got in, our powers of navigation left us wandering and picking random trails, which isn't really a big deal in that park, seeing as it's sandwiched between two communities. All you have to do is pick a direction and eventually you'll run into a road somewhere on the hill.

Eventually that's what we did. Next time we bring the gps.

We had lunch and eventually ended up back at Kathy's where Shereese wanted to watch The Sound of Music. Because it's super long, and because she had only gotten home from Europe this morning, there was ample time for us to draw all over her face with sharpie while she dozed.

Now, perhaps it was the post-chocolate-cake-and-cookies-and-cream-icecream coma that I was in, but for whatever reason I suddenly fell in love with all the costumes that everyone was wearing. Now suddenly I want to run down to the library to find some books on costuming and pattern making so that I can have clothes just like them. Seriously, I need a dirndl. It's not a want, it's a need.

Dirndls would be a welcome addition to our annual stollen baking and shouting in crappy accents fest.

The other things we came to a consensus about was that Liesel is hot. She is pretty attractive. We also came to the conclusion that the Captain is old enough to be Maria's father, which makes their relationship kind of icky.

And after all that, I got home to much of the same, checking my phone for messages and cursing that there aren't any. Yay me.