Sunday, May 04, 2008

Reocurring dreams in chronological order

I am six or seven years old, driving on the Coquihalla Highway with my dad in a silver, two-door Dodge Colt. I look out the window at the scrubby pines, then back at the driver's seat, where dad used to be. I don't know where he went, but now the car and I are on a section of the highway that doesn't actually exist. One side of the highway is steep drop, and the other is a rock face. I grab the wheel, but I'm already flying off the cliff.

I am in the Bay with my parents. Suddenly they disappear, and some of the lights turn off. I find that I've been locked inside after closing. I wander a bit, and then the mannequins begin to come alive and chase me. I run into the back, through the loading areas and warehouse in the back, until they chase me into a giant meat grinder where I get ground up with all the old manneqins that no one wants anymore.

I am walking and talking to people, usually, but sometimes I'm alone on a path that has a lot of rocks and roots on it. I trip and fall, and I'd always wake up flat on my stomach, bouncing on the matress.

I wake up, brush my teeth, wash my face, then sit down on the toilet. I would wake up from this dream almost but not quite wetting the bed. Sometimes I would walk out the door to go to school.

There's an old parkade that has been boarded up. I sneak in through a hole in the chain link fence and walk around. The parkade never has any cars in it and it seems to have a lot of superfluous stairwells. Sometimes I go to other storeys. I'm alone, but I run into a lot of people in there. I get the feeling that some of them I know very well, even if I've never seen any of them before.