Thursday, May 15, 2008

To destroy this shirt or to not destroy this shirt...

IMG_6947_1I have had this shirt for about six years and for quite a while it was my favourite because it was really comfy. In fact, I haven't been able to find a shirt that fits as well ever since.

I decided a while ago to retire it from being worn outside the house. The fabric is showing some wear, it has some sweat stains that refuse to be washed out and the fact that I've lost almost thirty-five pounds since I first got it means it doesn't fit quite the same.

Still, it's not bad for wearing around the house, which brings me to a dilemma. The thinner I get, the more difficulty I have finding shirts that fit.

Finding clothes when you are short and overweight is not a problem, because there are plenty of options for you. There is a lot of "petite" clothing out there that takes the form of boxy, frumpy cloth bags.

Finding clothes when you are short and really thin is also not a problem because you can shop at children's stores for your casual clothing and Asian malls for nicer stuff and business wear. There are a lot of really sharply dressed Asian women in this city.

The first is not an option for me because I have a thin waist that demands to be flattered and the second isn't an option because I have boobs.

The question now is whether I should continue to wear this shirt around the house or whether I should cut it up and turn it into a pattern so I can sew other well fitting shirts, since they seem to be so hard to find. What do you think?