Friday, May 16, 2008

Jade tree


I took this picture because I thought the way the light was reflected off the undersides of the leaves on my jade tree was kind of neat.

Yesterday I finally gave formal notice that I'll be moving so I spent a lot of today cleaning. Notice would have been given earlier but Dad was in hospital for a bit so that didn't happen.

I've been trying to cull my magazines, but for every one I throw in the pile to freecycle I keep two to read. When will I read these? I have no idea. I'll keep them and then cull some more later. In the meantime I've been reading some of them at breakfast, and I'm slowly coming up to date with The Walrus and The Beaver, which is a history magazine, honest.

As for the back issues of the Economist that I get from my parents... There are so many. So many to skim.

I have lots of plans for tomorrow, which will hopefully translate into lots of pictures. We'll see.