Saturday, May 10, 2008

Wet dogs

I think the deep pockets paper towel commercials are stupid. As a former dog owner, I know that there's no possible way that you can towel off a dog and make it perfectly dry. They need air.

There's no way to completely dry off a cat either, no matter how amazing your paper towels are. It just can't be done.

You wouldn't want to anyways. Let them go when they're still a little wet just to see them glare at you and do the spastic paw flicking thing, because it's priceless every time you see it.

Not that you'd want to use paper towels to do your cleaning. There's this strange and revolutionary alternative called stop being lazy and just use a regular towel because it saves you money, puts less crap in the landfill and kills less trees.

This has been another installment of TV commercials I don't like.