Thursday, June 21, 2007

I drew a fish.

scan0003_1What can I say? I'm speechless, to be honest.

I drew a fish.

I'm contemplating adding a person on facebook when really I should just do it, but I'm thinking that it might send the wrong message to this person or some other stupid rationale that I'm bouncing around inside my head.

Lately I've noticed that I have developed kind of an intolerance to raw spinach. It doesn't matter where I've eaten it, home or a restaurant. As long as it's raw, I get a nasty stomach ache and diarhhea for a good 4-6 hours immediately following my meal. I can't think of any reason for it. Before about four months ago, I'd never had a problem with the stuff.

I guess you didn't need to know that.

Some people set up a drumming circle outside about four hours ago, which was cool four hours ago, but now I'm tired of it. The rythm doesn't change, and neither does their location. It's starting to get irritating.

I'm listening to Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia by the Dandy Warhols right now, which in my humble opinion, is pretty much as close to perfect as an album can get. The first three songs, especially. I love how they blend into one another. I wonder what it feels like to create something like that, knowing all along that it's good? I wish I could feel that.