Sunday, June 17, 2007

8 things

parkhouse*gasp* I've been tagged by Jason.

It's the old tell eight things about yourself meme. Here goes:

1) I was in the 11th car to ever cross the Alex Fraser bridge. I think. I was definitely there when it opened.

2) I lived in a public park for 14 years, in a little yellow house right beside the ocean. My neighbours were homeless people and geese. The house isn't there anymore. It was demolished 3 years ago, but it still shows up clearly on Google Earth. Google really needs to do something about that.

3) When I eat cherries, I never spit out the pits individually. I keep them all in my mouth until I get all chipmunk cheeked and then I spit them out. Depending on who I'm with, it's either funny or gross.

4) I hate wearing shoes. I can never find a pair that fits well and besides, you can never get foot odour and the like from not wearing shoes. I used to walk barefoot pretty much everywhere where I was allowed in the summer when I was little, and I used to walk up and down our gravel driveway just to toughen my feet up. Consequently, I've stepped on 14 pieces of glass in my lifetime. Most I picked out myself, one was removed in the hospital the night before a dance recital and two are still in there. They really don't bother me much most of the time.

5) The first cat that we ever got for me I named Spotty Spot. She was a calico and had no spots.

6) I do a pretty good raven call, actually a couple of different raven-sounding croaks, even though I don't know what they all mean. It's fun to go into the forest sometimes and stir up some shit. Just croak out something like "dude, this is my tree and I slept with your girlfriend last week" and then listen to all the ravens croak themselves hoarse.

7) My baby blanket is still on my bed at my parents' house, not because I really need it to sleep but because it's a blanket in serviceable condition and I'm stingy and don't see the point in buying a new blanket when the old one still works. That being said, it needed some minor repairs last year, but now it's as good as 20 years old. Quality Ikea stuff, I tell you.

8) Every single time I vacuum I have to clean it out with tweezers and a pair of scissors first, otherwise it will be too wrapped up with my hair for it to suck anything up.

Who am I tagging now? 9) I'm a very indecisive person. Who wants to be tagged?