Thursday, June 28, 2007


I know I'm not supposed to apologise for being MIA from blogging, but I feel I have to. My computer decided that it would die Tuesday morning and though I've been able to check my email from work, I haven't been able to do much else.

It wasn't a crash, just that there were too many programs all wanting to start up at the same time when I turned the computer on, which meant that it never once froze, but it got damn close to it. At the moment, I have it running and I've cleaned up my harddrive a bit and removed or changed the options of a couple of the offending programs, but I don't know yet that the computer will actually run if I restart it.

I've got a little more maintenance to do before I will feel comfortable about turning it off. Needless to say it's going to be a bit of time before I get caught up on what everyone's been up to, especially since I have a million different places to be tomorrow.

But I will be back with a vengeance very soon, I promise.

With pictures.