Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A boring post about work

IMG_5657_1Today I had a weird day, I guess. I was offered my old job back, so I had made arrangements for today to be my last day of work where I'm working now. Yes, a Tuesday. That's weird. I start the other job this Thursday, which is also kind of weird, but it works out.

I ended up taking lunch early, so I more or less missed all the people that I usually talked to in the lunch room. Around the end of the day I got really, really busy, for once. About half an hour before I had to leave, I tried to call someone so that I could tell them where I'd left some important stuff and the status of some things that I hadn't finished yet. Alas, I couldn't find anyone, so I sat down and wrote an email instead, and didn't feel quite as good about that.

It was almost twenty after by the time I left. But when I reached the door, I suddenly realized that I hadn't surrendered my security pass yet, so back into the building where I had to fire up my computer to write an email explaining where I'd hidden it.

During that, my phone started ringing, and being the idiot I am, I answered it. A rather terse sounding woman was looking for someone that I was almost certain was out of the building by then, because the office was closed, but I transferred her call anyways, and after not getting him, she phoned me back.

Apparently she was trying to update her address book and it had to be done RIGHT NOW so I helped her and then finally made it out the door.

Yay! I got my old job back! And as per usual, that's pretty much all you're going to hear about it on this blog.