Saturday, June 16, 2007

More secrets

scan0001_1But I guess my biggest, bestest secret is this guy here. His name is Tom. I don't think he'd take kindly to me posting real pictures of him without asking but I did this drawing that's almost finished and it looks a lot like him.

When I have spleen to vent, he gets to hear about it. When I'm really happy about something, he hears about it. When I'm really depressed, he hears about it and same goes for when I get really paranoid and high-strung. If I have an irritating pimple or a blister or something, chances are he'll hear about that too. If I want to express my frustration at something mundane like how one strap on my bra always comes loose and then half of me sags, chances are I'll tell him first.

Now, would I tell other people these things? Probably, if they took the time to talk to me just as much as he does, but no one does.

The best thing though, is that he doesn't know any of my friends at all and they don't know him. That's what makes him a secret. A good secret, though, because I credit him for keeping me sane for the past year and a half.