Saturday, June 09, 2007

Thoughts on seeing my sister's dance recital last night

IMG_4624_1There seemed to be a lot less students at the dance school this year. The director of the school is retiring and perhaps that's a good thing. She took a lot of flak over kicking me out of the school, but mostly her choreography is getting kind of stale and repetitive and the year end shows are completely random and lacking in unity, in spite of having themes.

That being said, she brought on some new teachers this year, and it showed. Some of the dances were actually kind of refreshing to watch, because they were different from what I'm used to seeing at these things.

Abby did well, of course, but her choreography was boring. Not a lot she could do about that.

As always, though, you go to these things just to see the little kids, the ones that don't always know what they're doing but look cute doing it.

I felt a little sorry for one of the dancing moms though. They were wearing bright red stretch velvet tops and one poor woman's nipples just insisted upon poking up through the fabric. As much as I tried to pay attention to the other twelve or fourteen women on stage, my eyes were continually drawn towards her, and I know I'm not the only one.

Actually, I think the only one who missed it was probably mom, because the sight of fat women dancing in stretch velvet makes her put her head between her knees.