Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Snapshot of my neighbourhood.

Alright, I'm satisfied. I've done my one scary thing of the day.

I was walking past the Legion when I noticed that one of the cars in the parking lot had its lights on. I decided that I would try to find the owner of the vehicle because nobody likes to discover that they have a dead battery.

But talking to random people is a very scary thing to do. I had to walk to the end of the street and back before I could go and do it.

There are a whole bunch of businesses that use that parking lot and so I started to make the rounds. I didn't have much luck. I saw some people walking into the auditorium behind the Legion so I followed them in. "Are you here for the audition?" a lady asked. But I wasn't. I was just looking for the owner of the car, and she lost interest in me.

I slipped into the Legion for a bit, but I didn't stay long because there weren't many people in there and no one that I knew. It smelled funny and I don't think I'm really entitled to be in there anyways. Sometimes I wish I was though. You can get a burger and a beer there for $3.50. After 15 minutes of searching I gave up.

On my way home I passed two Filipino women in sweatpants trying to walk a huge grey cat. The sea cadets were marching up and down the street, drumming and playing trumpets. The ninja turtles were out sparring again in very, very slow motion.