Sunday, June 24, 2007

I feel like I'm the shrew today

June 23, 2007 004_1Alright, at Du's request, here are more pictures of the dramatic rescue. I must confess that after planning and plotting and looking forward to that for so long, I now have no idea what to do with myself. My life has become empty. All I can look forward to now is coming home after work and eating dinner and going to bed. Quath help me if I ever retire or achieve my wildest dreams.

I've been really irritable these past couple of days. I had this crazy idea in the car today that maybe if I got a hysterectomy or something it would fix it, but seems to me that that is a sort of really outdated bit of medical wisdom that never actually worked in the first place. Besides, it's not PMS. It's just that I'm finally coming down from a few weeks of feeling pretty good and I can either feel sad or bitchy, and bitchy's better than sad.

I guess I have to feel some guilt though at thinking again that perhaps it would be nice to euthanize my father to put him out of his misery at being stressed at work and having poor health and not being able to understand computers and having two absolutely rotten talentless disappointing children and getting old and being frustrated with absolutely everything and credit card debt and losing his memory and being right when people are wrong and losing his mother last month and talking about himself as if he's orphaned and fighting with relatives over what is to be done with what she left behind which is nothing.

He has this crazy idea that instead of using money from the estate, he will personally pay for some sort of memorial thing for her, to which mom replied that no way in hell is she dishing out the money to see her mother-in-law immortalized when they need a new roof and a new furnace and haven't paid off replacing the hot water tank last month yet. I fully expect the conflict to come to blows, but in the mean time it's throwing dad's blood sugar and blood pressure way out of whack.

Funny thing I've noticed, though, is that when mom drives to things we have a habit of getting there on time, because she deliberately avoids roads where there is construction and street festivals instead of driving right into them and then swearing lots, like dad. So imagine our surprise when we arrived at Bard on the Beach half an hour early without ever having gone more than 10k over the speed limit.

We saw Taming of the Shrew today in the midst of all the weird weather. Rain, sun, rumours of thunder showers, all cycling through every few minutes, but that's Vancouver weather for you. At one point the heavens opened up and it got really noisy under the tent, just as the actor on stage paused in the middle of his monologue about it being a cold and rainy day to say "what with the weather!" at which point the entire audience cheered.

In spite of the rain, we stayed nice and dry under the tent for which I hold Mikhael personally responsible.

This year's production was set as a spaghetti western with lots of gunslinging and desperado types, and the token Mexican for comic relief. Good, as always, though I think I liked the post-Cromwell restoration version better. The silliness just seemed to fit that period.

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