Saturday, June 30, 2007


IMG_5694_1I read somewhere once that you should write up a couple of extra blog posts to keep in reserve for when you have nothing to say, but every time I've done that, whatever I've saved seems totally inappropriate for standing in on any day other than the one it was written on.

That being said, even though my computer's been gimpy, I've still been blogging during my lunch break at work. I emailed the posts to myself and now I'm not sure what to do with them. We'll see.

In short, Monday and Tuesday were so hard to get through it was painful, but then the week improved substantially. Coffee and exercise always seem to do it.

This week I didn't buy tickets for Wilco, Gogol Bordello or the Brian Jonestown Massacre because I don't want to go alone. I saw a poster for Band of Horses the other day but I'm not going to that either because I can't expect anyone to dish out the money to see a band that they've never heard of from a genre they aren't interested in. As wonderful as my friends are, they all like emo bands, the Dixie Chicks and Jan Arden to the exclusion of absolutely everything else.

And it's all well and good for my sister to say that she's there to go to all of these things with me, but if she was truly born to be my substitute for a normal social life, she would at least be legal drinking age. I want to call up customer service to complain.

And the whole idea that I'd wait two and a half years before I'd do anything fun is just stupid, especially since I don't particularly relish the thought of living past 25.

But I'm complaining and I shouldn't. That isn't what I set out to do. It's just that I get so angry and frustrated and sad and then I blog about it, even though people would rather read happy happy happy and tits. So sorry.