Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Headley demonstrates how to keep warm in sub-zero temperatures: a photoessay

People who don't know any better tend to make fun of coxswains because they kind of look like they don't do anything at all. They just sit there, talking into microphones. Dead weight. No effort. Anyone can do it. But there's a little more to it, and in the winter, a big part of that is staying warm. Dead weight isn't all that helpful when it actually is dead.
So, we've dressed headley in a pretty standard blue unisuit. Maybe in the summer he'd wear it alone, but today there's ice on the water so it's too damn cold.
Next comes a bit of spandex: some leggings and a tank top. Got to protect your core, you know.
(hidden) a dryfit short-sleeved top. More spandex: a longsleeve and yoga pants. Add a pair of polar fleece socks for good measure.
Spandex: another longsleeve, another pair of yoga pants. Kneehigh wool socks. That's it for spandex. If you go beyond four layers the results aren't pretty. However, four layers of spandex is the best and easiest way to getting a really tight ass that I know of. I apologise if that image disturbs you.
Next we've got polar fleece pants, and a really nice hand-me-down sweater that was half-devoured by moths by the time I got it.
Fleece jacket. Waterproof pants.
Poggies for Headley's hands, and a touque for his head.
Waterproof jacket.
Warm enough, Headley? Toasty.

That is, until we go outside...