Saturday, August 04, 2007


IMG_6017_1Enough fireworks for you? I posted some more to my flickr. There aren't very many because not a lot of them turned out very well. Once again I left my tripod at home so some were kind of blurry. On top of that, the wind wasn't going in the right direction so it was kind of smoky, and hard to get clear pictures of the fireworks anyways. Add that to the fact that half the show was kind of repetitive and not particularly memorable and the fact that my autofocus has been particularly temperamental lately. Oh well.

But still, if you take a couple hundred photos you're bound to get a couple that are half decent so I stuck them up on my flickr.

Don't you worry though. I've got tons of photos from Victoria to dump on you too.

Some people are barbecuing just underneath my window and the wind is bringing the smoke right through my apartment. I can either close my windows and bake to death or breathe smoke and asphyxiate myself. I'm having trouble breathing and the smell has already made me vomit once. I think I'm going to go for a walk.

My father has conscripted me into teaching afterschool sewing and craft classes to kids at inner-city schools. I'll get paid reasonably well to do it but all the same I'm scrambling to find stuff to do with the kids because by the time the program starts in September I'm going to be in over my head with student union stuff and my course overload at school.

I'm going to walk to the library. The air should be cleaner there.