Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I have a very brave cat.

IMG_6119_1Soft Core Surrealism says:
sally was protecting us from tom's cat
all of a sudden we heard a battle cry
so mom and i went out front
and mom started shooing minnie away
and sally was hissing
the last thnig we wanted is for sally to be hurt again
so i grabbed her and put her in the livingroom
but she kind of wet herself
and it got on my leg
so i had to go wash my leg
but she was so brave
so when you come over next
make sure to tell her how brave she was

erin says:
will do
she's such a good kitty

Soft Core Surrealism says:
dad says your stereo is fixed
and wants you to check otu a site

erin says:
yep, I noticed

Soft Core Surrealism says:

erin says:
sounds interesting

Soft Core Surrealism says:
did you get your cds out?

erin says:


Soft Core Surrealism says:
we accidentally left the back of the van wide open
after bringing in the groceries
and mom just noticed

erin says:

I see

Soft Core Surrealism says:
and so she was all pissed off
because someone could have stolen her kitty litter

erin says:

we wouldn't want that at all

Soft Core Surrealism says:
because then everything would be that much shittier