Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Two things I don't get:

IMG_6105_1The first is something that seems to be happening more and more often these days - I have a drink or two and then cut myself off for the night and then some dumbass has to come over and either tell me I should be drinking more, or asks why I'm not with the same intent. My reply is that I have to work the next morning, to which they always counter that they also have to work the next morning, that they wake up earlier in the morning than me and that they work longer hours doing something harder than me.

I have yet to understand exactly what they intend to accomplish. Am I supposed to think they're cool or something because they've established that they're idiots with crappy jobs?

The next thing is why people insist upon having sex in cars right outside my door, which happens to also be just underneath my bedroom window. I'm quite certain there are tons of parking lots out there that are far more private, or at least there are ones that aren't right up against where I live so that when I step outside for a run I see a whole lot more than I needed to see.

I have a two million candlepower flashlight that I guess I could have used on them last night but I'm too polite.