Tuesday, August 07, 2007

David vs. Godzilla

Today, which is actually yesterday because I never bothered to post this post, I picked the blueberries in my parents' backyard, ate more cat shit cake and read all about Faust and Gretchen for school. Yay.

I watched this video called Process Enacted that I found on Wooster Collective, that I found to be pretty cool.

Then my sister showed me this next one, which is also pretty cool. It's a way of multiplying big numbers with each other, but it would be cooler if it was better lit and if the camera didn't shake as much.

Yesterday Mom, Abby and I discussed whether the Bible would have been more exciting if it had Godzilla vs. David and whether we thought that Godzilla could take King Kong or not.

After about twenty minutes and a variety of different possibilities, we decided that it came down to climate. Godzilla's a reptile, so in order for us to rig it so that King Kong wins, we'd have to have the match in the winter. Godzilla would be cold and sluggish and King Kong would have an easy time of it.

But Godzilla's Japanese, and the Japanese are good at making all sorts of cool technology and gadgets so if Godzilla made himself a heat lamp backpack he'd be pretty much invincible.

My mom begins to choke on her food and says "I have two university degrees, you know. I went to graduate school." I told her that the reason why we go to university is so that we can examine such questions far more thoroughly than uneducated people, because clearly, the outcome of a tv monster throwdown is really important.

I mean, why else would you bother with education anyways?