Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Victoria trip of awesomeness

Kevin commented on a photo on my flickr which reminded me that I really haven't said much about going to Victoria two weeks ago.


Well, we can't seem to go to Victoria without going to Roger's chocolates. There's one in Vancouver now which is actually within walking distance of where I work but it's not quite the same because the original store has stained glass and fancy woodwork and such that is pretty hard and expensive to replicate elsewhere.



I've always loved this mural. I think it must be the orange stripe that does it for me.


There was a hot rod show the same weekend. It meant that we were stuck in a crappier motel than usual, and that the whole town was filled with things that had formerly been beautiful cars that had been souped up, painted ugly colours and completely bastardized. They were driven by old men who went up and down the same streets over and over and over. Can we say juvenile?

I'm happy to say that the above car was completely stock, and as such, it was the only one I took a picture of.



Stopped at Munro's books, just because it's a really cool bookstore. Just look at t and try to tell me that you too would probably succumb to the temptation of buying books at such a place. Walked out with arms full.


Went to a restaurant where they had this fishtank thing. If they'd left me there I would have been amused for hours because the fish just. keep. swimming. by.


Came home with the sunset.