Friday, August 03, 2007

Today's not really my day.

IMG_6046_1I have tons and tons and tons of photos to upload. It's going to take me a while.

Today while I was standing at an intersection, a man started talking pleasantries while he unzipped his fly and began to pee all over the pavement. Few things shock me anymore.

I got off work early today because it's a long weekend and once home, quickly descended into a not-so-good mood. To cheer myself up, I popped the copy of Hospital Music I bought on Tuesday into my CD player. I don't really buy many CD's anymore, especially now that I've put some speakers on my computer that sound reasonably good.

It really didn't take it long to become my favourite album, so when I played it once through, it sounded excellent. Then I decided to play it a second time. I pressed the button and the machine started to shuffle.

All of a sudden a high-pitched squeal came from out of the middle of it. It's a sound I've heard before, the sound of my CD player eating another CD. Sonofabitch.

If I had a guarantee that I wouldn't be evicted, and if I didn't have two other CDs in there that are probably fine, I would throw it out the window.

Instead I'm going to have to pull the whole fucking thing apart with a screwdriver. Graaaargh!