Sunday, August 26, 2007

In which I actually put my degree to some use

IMG_6215_1So it looks like my entire day today is putting together a bunch of stuff with InDesign for my dad's job because he had a graphic designer that was willing to work for him but he didn't understand what exactly she was asking for and also, because he only got this job recently and isn't completely organized yet, he missed her deadline. Lucky me.

I'm probably making a mistake doing it in InDesign, because it's a program that my father neither has nor is familiar with, but I find it a lot easier to do layout stuff with that than Word, which is what he was using with little success.

The upside of doing a bunch of unpaid freelance work for your dad is that you have something else to stick in your portfolio, with which to show people that might potentially pay you to do things that you are eighteen times awesome. The downside is that it is unnecessarily difficult because I'm asking him for the content of this brochure and he's saying he doesn't really have it yet and talking to me over my shoulder while I'm trying to work.

Ideally, I just like people to give me stuff to lay out with an idea as to style and colour scheme and then I want them to leave me alone. Then I'll print out a copy, let them write all over it and make the suggested changes.

That being said, I had no real plans for today so I may as well be doing something useful. Not only that, he might consider getting or heavily subsidizing an upgrade to InDesign CS3 for me. These things tend to work out eventually.